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Wave Systems Corp., specializes in customized software development for Law Enforcement, Casino, Corporate Security, Hospitals and other public and private organizations.

In today's fast paced world, it's imperative for Security personnel to be armed with proper and efficient tools to respond to ever changing and unpredictable situations. In order to make safe and critical decisions both in the field and at an office, immediate access to relevant information is critical.

Our comprehensive solutions provide fast, easy, and secure access to information, while simultaneously ensuring that different users have access to appropriate information based on customizable access privileges.

Wave's Automated In Field Reporting Solution is user friendly form based system built with the latest state-of-the-art-technology, using Microsoft .NET technology, along with a backend database in Microsoft SQL Server. The electronic forms look similar to the paper based forms, which make them easily used by the officers in the field.

Wave's solutions are designed in modular form and can easily integrated with any existing Record Management System. It provides a seamless interface with databases such as Oracle, and MY SQL. In addition, the modules can also be integrated with County, State, or Federal databases.

nAgency reports can easily be made NIBRS (National Incident Based Report System) & UCR (Uniform Crime Reporting) compatible.
nCMS is capable to meet GJXDM (Global Justice XML Data Model Standards)


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